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Streamer 'Crafts' Super Bowl Alternative

Graphic for TheSoul Publishing's '5-Hour of Crafts'
(Image credit: TheSoul Publishing)

The 5-Minute Crafts video streaming franchise is looking to take a bite out of the big game.

TheSoul Publishing, the digital studio behind the videos, some of which have hundreds of millions of views by pandemic shut-ins looking for novel ways to cook eggs or make DIY Barbie accessories, will livestream a "5-Hour" marathon of craft videos as counter-programming to Sunday's Super Bowl.

The stream launches Feb. 7 on the 5-Minute Crafts YouTube channel "just prior to kickoff" (the stream begins at 6:30 ET) and will continue through the presentation of the Lombardi Trophy to the game winner--either the Chiefs or the Buccaneers.

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Arguably the most prominent tongue-in-cheek alternative to the Super Bowl has been The Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, but Animal Planet actually programs that before the Big Game so viewers can watch both.

TheSoul Publishing is tackling the game head on with tongue-in-groove rather than tongue-in-cheek. "Would you rather… watch the Super Bowl, or craft?," said the company's publicist, adding: "If you’re not psyched about the big game, you have no idea what to watch after the Puppy Bowl ends, or you’re just in need of binge-worthy social content while football dominates your television, this crafty counterprogramming option is for you!"