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Stormy Daniels Working on Animated Series

TidalWave Productions is teaming up with Stormy Daniels on comic book, Stormy Daniels: Space Force, starring the former adult film actress and Donald Trump's nemesis. It will also be developed into a series, according to the company.

(Image credit: TidalWave Productions)

The comic will tweak the President's creation of a new space-centric branch of the military and his focus on economic victories in what the company describes as a racy comedy version of "Barbarella-meets-Star Trek-meets-Stripperella."

The series will be developed by The Bohemia Group.

The plot of the show/comic is described as "Captain Stormy Daniels commands the Helix, a starship serving the United Republic of Earth and its leader, “very stable genius” Or Don. Daniels and her crew – capitalists at heart – are for hire."

The new comic/show was announced the day before Netflix's launch of Space Force, its own lampoon of Trump's space branch and a day after the President had to return from an aborted launch of the U.S. first manned rocket in almost a decade.

Daniels said she could not be happier with the project, targeted for the fall.