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Netflix to Debut Steve Carell Comedy ‘Space Force’ on May 29

(Image credit: Aaron Epstein/Netflix)

Netflix sci-fi comedy Space Force, which joins The Office veterans Steve Carell, Greg Daniels and Howard Klein, begins on Netflix May 29. Netflix describes the series as a workplace comedy where “a four-star general begrudgingly teams up with an eccentric scientist to get the U.S. military’s newest agency--Space Force--ready for lift-off.”

Carell is co-creator and will star and executive produce. Space Force represents his first ongoing TV role since he departed The Office in 2011. 

Daniels, whose credits also include King of the Hill and Parks and Recreation, along with developing The Office in the U.S., is co-creator, showrunner and exec producer. Daniels also created futuristic comedy Upload on Amazon

Klein, co-founder of 3 Arts Entertainment and an executive producer on The Office, is executive producing Space Force as well.

The Office aired on NBC 2005-2013.

John Malkovich plays a scientist in Space Force. Noah Emmerich is a military rival to Carell’s General Mark Naird and Lisa Kudrow plays Naird’s wife.