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Still Hope for Kneuer Vote

According to Senate Republicans, there is still a chance that acting National Telecommunications & Information Administration head John Kneuer could get the acting lifted from his title before the Senate finishes its business.

It still has Friday and perhaps Satudray to vote the nomination.

Kneuer's nomination was approved unanimously by the Senate Commerce Committee back in September along with that of FCC Chairman Kevin Martin. Martin has been confirmed, but the Senate has yet to vote on Kneuer's nomination.

Ordinarily the NTIA post is not a high-profile one, even though NTIA is the administration's chief communications policy adviser.

Put its profile has been lifted by the digital-to-analog converter box program that it has been charged with implementing. That program could cost more than a billion dollars and affect millions of people, particularly low-income and minority viewers. And if the program does not take care of those viewers, it could delay the February 2009 date for converting from analog to digital.