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Stevens Wins Alaska Republican Primary

Former ranking Republican on the Senate Commerce Committee Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) won his primary election bid Tuesday despite having been indicted for failing to disclose goods and services supplied to him by an oil-services company.

Republican Stevens had to step down from his leadership posts pending the outcome of his trial.

The indictment did not charge Stevens with accepting bribes, although it did say that at the same time Stevens received these gifts, the company, oil-services company Veco, had business before his committee. The company is one of the largest private employers in the state, according to the Department of Justice.

Stevens is required by law to list gifts or liabilities (debts) above a certain amount on penalty of perjury. He is accused of not identifying any of the gifts from Veco on those forms or listing them as debts.

He also did not pay Veco back for the work it did on his vacation home, the indictment alleged. That work included lifting the house to add a floor, providing furnishings and architectural planning.

Stevens has said he is innocent and will fight the indictment.