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Stevens Confident of Indecency Self-Reg

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) said Wednesday he was confident of the success of industry self-regulatory efforts on indecency, or "decency" as he prefers to call it, though he added that he would have to "wait and see."

A $300 million combined media initiative, led by former Motion Picture Association of America President Jack Valenti, will launch later this month to educate parents about existing content blocking technologies via cable, satellite and the V-chip ratings system for broadcast.

Stevens said that he understood the concern of parents about content--once vowing not to have a TV in his home before his kids overruled him--but also said that he thought the PSA campaign would help convince those parents that they, not government, had the power to control content into the home.

Stevens also praised cable for its indecency education efforts to date.

At a National Telecommunications & Information Association legislative fly-in in Washington, where Stevens was speaking, NCTA President Kyle McSlarrow announced that the industry had already surpassed its pledge to Congress to conduct 100 content-control-related informational events.