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Stern Faces New Six-Figure Fine

Howard Stern is about to get fined again, and possibly again and again.

Infinity Radio will be socked in the next week by the FCC with a six-figure fine for raunchy programming by top shock-jock Howard Stern. But that's not all. Tthe government's indecency police are moving to punish more shows by the self-proclaimed "King of All Media."

The FCC is putting finishing touches on a proposed sanction that, for the first time, will fine a station for each indecent "utterance" during a single program. Previously, the FCC levied just one fine no matter how many times a program crossed the line.
The FCC declared that would change when it fined another Infinity station, WKRK-FM, for a "Deminski and Doyle Show" broadcast of a series of references to various sexual practices. Sources following the government's push to clean up the airwaves didn't know which Stern episode would be hit because complaints about several of his shows are under review at the commission.

The latest is a Feb. 24 broadcast chronicling the sexual escapades of Paris Hilton. That broadcast has caught the particuarl attention of  Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kan.), who continues to push Viacom President Me Karmazin to brand Stern indecent.