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Station prices dip

BIA Financial Network reported that $1.43 billion has been ponied up for 56
TV stations this year (through April).

For the same period in 2001, 41 TV stations sold for $1.73 billion.

For 2002, the average price of a TV station through April is $25.5 million,
about 40 percent lower than $42.2 million in the same period of 2001.

Still, the pace of sales picked up dramatically in April -- 41 stations sold
for a total of $639 million. In April of last year, not a single TV station was
sold, according to BIA.

For radio, BIA reported that 222 stations have been sold through April of
this year for $459 million, for an average price of $2.06 million. Last year,
468 radio stations sold through April for a total of $2.47 billion, for an
average price per station of $5.3 million -- more than double the average price
for this year.

The pace of April sales is up for radio stations -- 85 stations sold for $101
million. Last April, 57 stations went for $147 million.