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Stars Answer Telethon's Call

Borrowing a page from the 9/11 telethon playbook, organizers of tonight’s one-hour multi-network hurricane entertainment/fundraising event have made room for the many celebrities who want to participate by assigning them to phone banks.

No big surprise, since it is produced by the same folks who produced the post-9/11 telethon.
While more than a dozen will make on-air comments, a long list will be there working the phones to take viewer donations:

Ben Affleck

Jason Alexander

Jennifer Aniston

Sean Astin

Angela Bassett

Jack Black

Adrien Brody

Don Cheadle

Michael Chiklis

Ellen DeGeneres

Benecio Del Toro

Danny DeVito

Cameron Diaz

Jennifer Garner

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Randy Jackson

Allison Janney

Christine Lahti

Reba McEntire

Mandy Moore

Jack Nicholson

Jeremy Piven

Emily Procter

Dennis Quaid

Julia Roberts

The Rock

Ray Romano

Doug Savant

Jimmy Smits

Mary Steenburgen

Nia Vardalos

Sela Ward

Bruce Willis

Alfre Woodard

James Woods