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Springer sued

Talk show host Jerry Springer was sued last week by the family of a former
guest who was killed by her ex-husband following the airing of a Springer show
on love triangles.

Associated Press reported that the Sarasota County, Fla. lawsuit charges that
the show created an atmosphere that resulted in murder, and that show producers
misled Nancy Campbell-Panitz to get her to appear.

Ralf Panitz has already been convicted of second-degree murder for the
beating death of Campbell-Panitz, and is serving a life sentence.

Also involved in the triangle was a woman Panitz subsequently married.

The Springer show noted that the killing of Ms. Campbell-Panitz occurred
several weeks after the episode was taped, and that 'many events occurred that
were totally unrelated to the show, making it clear that neither the show nor
Jerry Springer nor the producers were responsible in any way for this tragedy,
even if we are an easy and convenient target.'