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Spotlight on Broadband at Upcoming National Show

The cable industry will spotlight its role in rolling out broadband as a centerpiece of the National Show in Washington (April 1-3).

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association is creating a 22,000-square-foot main street-themed exhibit space that it says will be the centerpiece of its exhibit floor. The exhibit will demonstrate "The many ways in which high-speed broadband service has and will continue to improve the lives of Americans."

The effort, announced Tuesday, matches the centerpiece that broadband deployment has become in the new Obama administration's economic stimulus package.

It also comes as Congress is debating how to dole out over $8 billion in grants for broadband. Satellite operators are fighting for their share of the money, arguing that satellite-delivered broadband will be the only way to reach some rural enclaves.

Comcast, the nation's largest cable operator and a provider in the Nation's Capitol, will supply the broadband network for the exhibit.