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Spike Cracks Down on Vice

Spike TV acquired Real Vice Cops Uncut, a reality series in the vein of COPS and Spike’s own DEA.

The series takes viewers on ride-alongs with police agencies as they take down criminals involved with narcotics, prostitution and gambling. The network picked up six half-hour episodes of the series from Associated Television International, premiering them Aug. 6.

Real Vice Cops Uncut is an unprecedented television experience,” said Jim Romanovich, president of worldwide media and entertainment for ATI. “We have been allowed exclusive access to various vice divisions to see how their undercover operations really work without compromising the security of its officers who have to remain undercover.”

He added: “This is not Crockett and Tubbs. There is no Porsche, houseboat, or pastel wardrobe. These are some of the toughest officers I have ever seen doing the toughest job imaginable.”