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SPI: Spot Price Investigation

With shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Survivor and Friends pulling in
$400,000 (or close to it) per 30-second ad, Thursday night remains the priciest
night of network television.

But some advertisers, like movie studios, are paying huge premiums to be in
certain Thursday-night shows.

Take CSI, for example. As reported in Broadcasting & Cable’s
pricing survey this week, the average price of a 30-second spot in the show this
fall is an estimated $400,000.

But sources familiar with the situation said some advertisers have paid as
much as $600,000.

It was a similar story for Friends. The B&C survey puts the average
price at $380,000.

But one buyer, representing a lot of studio money, reported paying an average
$570,000 for the show.

"For some advertisers who feel that they've got to be there, it's just the cost of
doing business," one TV executive said.