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Spelling Clear Channel With a $B

On the eve of the National Association of Broadcasters announcement of its biennial survay of public service contributions by braodcasters, radio and TV stations owner Clear Channel announced its own accounting of corporate giving: $1 Billion.

The company, the largest radio station owners in the country, said radio's share was $845,518,764, divided among the airtime value of donated PSAs, $664,397,507; fund-raising, $121,709,272, and disaster relief, $59,411,985.

TV's share, according to the company, was $61,149,743, with $28,612,604 in donated PSA airtime, $21,705,182 in fund-raising, and $10,831,957 for disaster relief.

Two years ago, the NAB industry total was $9.6 Billion. If form holds, that would give Clear Channel about a  10% stake of the take.