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Some Shareholders Slam Sinclair

Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc.'s decision to air some or all of an anti-John Kerry documentary on its 62 TV stations continued to draw fire Tuesday.

Wall Street investment firm Glickenhaus & Co, backed by liberal activists, sent a letter to Sinclair CEO David Smith asking the company to provide "those with views opposed to the allegations in the film an equal opportunity to respond." Sinclair has offered time to the Democratic presidential nominee himself.

The letter was sent on behalf of Glickenhaus clients holding 6,100 shares of Sinclair stock. It was spearheaded by General partner Jim Glickenhaus, who cited Sinclair's financial obligation to shareholders.

Backing the action is Media Matters For America, a liberal online group that monitors its conservative counterparts. The group said that if it did not hear back from Smith by close of business Tuesday, it might sue for an injunction to block the first scheduled airing of the show Oct. 21.

“Our mission is to thwart conservative misinformation in the media and ensure that the media offer the American public fair and balanced access to news and information,” said MMFA President/CEO David Brock. “We determined a stockholder effort is the strongest remaining course of action to force Sinclair to reconsider its decision to air Stolen Honor.”

“Sinclair’s decision has caused harm to the value of our investment in Sinclair," said Glickenhaus. "We believe Sinclair must give equal time to an opposing point of view. Otherwise the company is placing its future and the value of our investment in jeopardy, by putting the renewal of its FCC licenses at risk, alienating local advertisers, and opening itself up to libel suits against the company.”

Sinclair executives could not be reached for comment.