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SNTA Sells Advantages of Flat World

While dancing shows are the rage on broadcast-network TV this summer, the Syndicated Network Television Association (SNTA) wants to remind advertisers that the syndication world also has a little bounce in its step, or at least a steady gait compared to the competition.

The organization released a June ratings analysis touting its strength against the networks, leveraging the most advantageous demographics and time of year to state its case.

SNTA is pushing syndication’s value to ad buyers by pointing out that, in the adults 18-49 demo, June syndication ratings are flat from a year ago, while the networks are off 5% in prime time.

According to the study, on an average weekday in June, six or seven of the top 10 rated shows in all households were syndicated.

In the 18-34 demo, syndicated shows represented five of the top 10, on average. The report also points to several syndicated sitcoms outperforming network repeats of the same show.

“Our ratings don’t vary across the year, usually never more than plus or minus 10% from our yearly average,” says SNTA President Mitch Burg.  “By comparison, the networks were down 30% last summer.”