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SNTA heads to New York

After months of deliberations, the Syndicated Network Television Association
will go ahead with a new winter conference in New York. SNTA president Gene
DeWitt confirmed the plan and said the conference is set for Feb. 26 at the
New York Sheraton.

"It was really a decision that was driven by our customers," DeWitt said, adding that the discussion to start a separate conference began this year after the
light turnout at the National Association of Television Programming Executives' show among advertisers and media buyers.

The reason for the light turnout, based on feedback from the advertiser
community, was "because it wasn't in New York and because it was too early in
the year," DeWitt said.

So for the SNTA members, he added, NATPE "really didn't constitute enough
of a showcase for the syndicators' product. And if you're selling something and
your customers tell you they're not going to come to your sales pitch unless you
hold it in a different place and a different time, you better listen to them."

DeWitt said the response from agencies and media buyers has been "very
enthusiastic. They've told us this meets their needs, that it will save them
money on travel, they can bring the planners and the clients and will just work
better for them."