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Snow Defends Bush Address

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow told reporters at a White House briefing Tuesday that he did not believe the president's speech on the networks Monday night was political or was misrepresented to the TV outlets that carved time out of prime to cover it.

He was asked whether he should have given the broadcast networks, which cut into regular programming to cover it, a heads-up that the speech would go beyond a commemoration of 9/11 into a defense of the war in Iraq, particularly since the war is a key issue in the upcoming elections.

Snow said it was not false advertising, and that he stood by what he told the networks. "I told the networks that the president was not going to be calling out Democrats, would not be making specific legislative proposals, and would be looking backward and forward at the war on terror," he said.

During the speech, the president talked of the need to continue fighting in Iraq, saying the world is safer because Saddam Hussein is not in power. Both are expected to be drumbeats on the Republican side during the midterm elections.