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SlingModem Comes to Market

EchoStar, through its subsidiaries EchoStar Technologies and SlingMedia, has developed a new DOCSIS cable modem product that incorporates the place-shifting capabilities of the popular Slingbox, which allows television content to be transmitted from a consumer's living room TV set to any location with an Internet connection. The new SlingModem, which is aimed squarely at cable operators, is being officially introduced at the NCTA convention in New Orleans this week.

The new SlingModem complies with the CableLabs DOSCIS 2.0 specification and can be used like a standard high-speed data modem to connect to the Internet. But it also includes SlingMedia's proprietary video encoding technology. That takes conventional TV programming and makes it suitable for streaming over the Internet to PCs and Internet-capable mobile devices that are loaded with Sling's software client, as well as video and audio inputs for connecting to a cable subscriber's set-top or TV.