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Single-station ban upheld in Texas

The Texas Supreme Court let stand a judge's ruling that banned from his courtroom a TV station that had broadcast a story that showed the judge in a bar for much of his workday.

Judge Jim Pruitt allowed other stations to bring cameras inside his courtroom last year, but commented, "I don't think ktvt is a reputable news organization, and, as such, I'm not going to allow you to film."

The story on the work habits of judges had run the year before, prompting a lawsuit by Pruitt against the station for defamation, which is pending. The court rejected without comment station-owner Gaylord Broadcasting's petition.

Justices Nathan Hecht and Priscilla Owen dissented, arguing that Pruitt is likely to "continue to selectively exclude ktvt from his courtroom," which "may be a significant intrusion on ktvt's constitutional rights."

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