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Sinclair, Rentrak Expand Ratings Deal

Sinclair Broadcast Group has expanded its deal with Rentrak, going from seven stations in four markets to a total of 21 stations in 12 markets.

Rentrak's StationViewEssentials offers local TV outlets a ratings alternative to Nielsen, though most station partners employ both services for a deeper understanding of who's watching their programming.

"Rentrak's StationView Essentials database system collects precise viewing information from millions of televisions nationally based on digital boxes in each market," said Sinclair COO Steve Marks. "Rentrak is able to provide electronic measurement that is consistent, stable and granular, regardless of market size. Reliable electronic audience measurement in medium and smaller sized TV markets is important to Sinclair and Rentrak offers that using existing data resources."

Sinclair operates 58 stations in 35 markets.

"Sinclair's expanded commitment to Rentrak is clear and compelling confirmation that our clients recognize the value of Rentrak's services and the advantages our database currency provides both buyers and sellers of television," said Steven Walsh, Rentrak senior VP of local market television sales.