Sinclair Opens Up Circa to College Students

Circa, the millennial-focused digital brand backed by Sinclair Broadcast Group, is giving college students a new means for telling their own stories with a user-generated platform specifically for them.

Circa Campus allows students to upload their video content about news, politics and pop culture events on their campuses via widgets available on the Circa site and Facebook page. The content will be reviewed and vetted by Circa editors before going live, the company said.

Circa is partnering with student groups to recruit and train students on “responsible and compelling ways” to generate video news. The first group is called GenFKD, short for Generation Financial Knowledge Development, whose mission includes reforming higher education and equipping students to thrive in the “new economy.”

Circa Campus will roll out phases, a process that started last week with students’ inauguration coverage. Eventually students will have the opportunity to express opinions about pertinent issues, as well as engage with political and business leaders, the company said.

Circa is rolling out its new offering roughly half-way through its first year of operations under Sinclair’s control.  The broadcast group reanimated the brand, which had shut down in 2015 when it ran out of cash, in July 2016.