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Shock-jock duo axed

Showing that even Infinity Broadcasting Corp. has some taste limits, New
York radio station WNEW(FM) axed DJs Opie and Anthony over their sex stunt in
St. Patrick's Cathedral.

The station faces a license investigation by the Federal Communications
Commission for the stunt, in which a Virginia couple was arrested Aug. 15 after
allegedly having sex in a corner of the Manhattan cathedral just a few feet from

The encounter was described on the air by a producer who had
accompanied the couple as part of the DJ duo's regular contest encouraging
listeners to have sex in public places.

WNEW owner Infinity has long encourage raunchy and outrageous
on-air behavior by its talent. One of Infinity's other stations, WXRK-FM, is the
home of Howard Stern. And the group had previously been happy to pay the
advertising cost for Opie and Anthony's "WOW" (Whip `em Out Wednesday),
which urged women to bare their breasts in public. This time, however,
Viacom Inc.-owned Infinity's license could be at stake.