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Sharpton to protest vs. EchoStar

The Rev. Al Sharpton and his organization, the National Action Network, will
lead a protest against EchoStar Communications Corp.'s Washington, D.C., office
Tuesday in an attempt to push the satellite-TV company into carrying Word

'We must inflict ourselves on telecommunication giants such as EchoStar
Communications to influence the programming that comes into millions of
African-American homes,' said the Rev. Horace Sheffield III, president of NAN's
Michigan chapter.

Sharpton, Sheffield and NAN also oppose the proposed merger between EchoStar
and Hughes Electronics Corp., parent of DirecTV Inc., because of the
'exclusionary policies' they believe EchoStar practices.

'EchoStar is spoon-feeding us electronic watermelon and expecting us to lap
it up. Porn, violence-laden shows and music must not be the extent of media
offerings by those that enjoy a virtual monopoly on our entertainment choices,'
Sheffield said.