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Sharp Shots for E!

The good news: At this year’s Academy Awards show Feb. 29, E! Entertainment Television viewers will get to see gorgeous celebs like Scarlett Johanson and Nicole Kidman strut down the red carpet in high-definition. The bad news (for the stars at least): You’ll also get to see every pluck and tuck they’d rather you didn’t.

E! plans to produce eight hours of its Oscars pre- and post-show specials in high definition, the net’s first foray into HD. It will air on InDemand’s InHD channel. Other high-profile events coming to InHD include a simulcast of USA Network’s Westminster Dog Show Feb. 9 and 10 and TNT’s 2004 NBA All-Star Game Feb. 15. Standard-definition telecasts of all three events will air on their respective cable channels.