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Sens. Push for Adelstein

As the clock ticks down on Jonathan Adelstein's tenure at the Federal Communications Commission, 17 members of the Senate Commerce Committee are asking President Bush to renominate him to the commission.

The bipartisan group included panel chairman John McCain and ranking Democrat Fritz Hollings.
Adelstein's term on the commission expired June 2003 but government rules allow him term serve until a successor is confirmed or the current Congress adjourns.
Consequently, he must step down from his post when Congress adjourns for the year. The lawmakers told the President that Adelstein's seat should not be left open because "a significant number of issues critical to American consumers are pending before the commission."
President Bush, however, has shown no sign of moving to renominate Adelstein, who has been an outspoken opponent of the White House's media ownership deregulation.

Bush appears in no mind to renominate the South Dakota native, a protege of Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle. Daschle, who asked the White House to re-nominate Adelstein in February 2003, has repeatedly orchestrated Senate roadblocks to Bush nominees.
Bush complained about the many battles over his nominations in a speech to minority journalists Friday. Democrats "need to stop playing politics with my nominees," he said.
A week ago, he took matters into his own hands, making a number of recess appointments, including for Federal Trade Commission chairman and commissioner.