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Senate Working on Wilmington Hearing

Nothing had been posted on its Web site at press time, but look for the Senate Commerce Committee to follow the House's lead and schedule a digital-TV-oversight hearing, likely the week after next.

A committee source confirmed that such a hearing is under discussion.

The House Telecommunications & Internet Subcommittee is holding its hearing Sept. 16, with Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin expected to be on the witness list. Look for Martin to head the list at the Senate hearing, as well.

The Hill is looking to get its own briefing on the lessons learned from Wilmington, N.C., and its Sept. 8 switch-over to full-power DTV.

The House hearing will include input from broadcasters on the Mexican border both in favor of and opposed to allowing stations there an extra five years to broadcast in analog for the benefit of Spanish-speaking border populations that are heavy over-the-air users.