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Senate Reveals Nielsen Witnesses

The witnesses have been set for the Senate Communications Subcommittee hearing on Nielsen Media Research's "Local People Meters."

Scheduled for Thursday, July 15, the hearing will feature Susan Whiting, president and CEO of Nielsen, as well as LPM critics Tom Herwitz of Fox Television Stations and Tom Arnost, president of Univision Television.

Univision has sued Nielsen over the LPM roll-out in Los Angeles. Along with Fox, it charges that Nielsen's new meters undercount broadcast minority viewing, while Nielsen says they are simply more accurately mapping those viewers exit for other media.

Additional witnesses are George Ivie of the Media Rating Council, the client-backed Nielsen watchdog group, and from Bob Barocci of the Advertising Research Foundation.

Alex Nogales, President of the National Hispanic Media Coaltion and lead spokesman for Nielsen's chief meter critic, the Don't Count Us Out Coalition says he will testify at the hearing as well, and will advise Congress to regulate Nielsen, saying he has run out of patience.Nogales and Whiting met two weeks ago, but Nogales says the meeting achieved nothing, and Nielsen conceded there "were certainly no hugs at the end."