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Second NBC staffer tested

A second NBC staffer is being tested for possible exposure to anthrax, and two lab technicians and a New York City police officer who came into contact with the letter sent to NBC and thought to have transmitted the anthrax have tested positive for exposure.

All have been treated with antibiotics and are expected to be fine.

MSNBC was reporting Sunday that the letter -- first thought to have been sent
from Florida, where there have been a number of anthrax exposures and one death
-- was actually a threatening letter sent Sept. 18 from New Jersey to anchor Tom

The first NBC employee to test positive was an assistant to Brokaw. The
anchor alternated between tears and anger recalling the incident for NBC's
Dateline Friday night.

The discovery or her exposure spurred federal and city officials to cordon
off part of the third floor of NBC's headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Center,
including the area where NBC Nightly News staffers work.

As a precaution, Viacom Inc. shut down mailrooms in all of its facilities
across the country, and it planned to test some of them for anthrax and other

Turner Broadcasting System Inc. and its Cable News Network unit, as well as
ABC, immediately shut down their mailrooms.

'We are absolutely terrified,' a New York-based executive from one network