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Seattle station fined for indecency

KNDD(FM) Seattle was fined $14,000 Monday for May and June 2001 morning-show
broadcasts in which hosts discuss whether male genitals are capable of pulling a
variety of objects, including a 13-inch TV and a Jeep.

The Federal Communications Commission concluded that the material was
intended to pander, titillate or shock -- criteria necessary to be deemed

Indecent broadcasts are forbidden between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. -- the hours
when children are most likely to be exposed to them.

Station owner Entercom Communications Corp. argued that the material was not
indecent because discussion about pulling objects by any other body part -- a
nose or finger, for instance -- would not be sanctioned.

Entercom also argued that explicit discussions of male genitalia are common
today, citing news reports of the Clinton sex scandal and health reporting about
impotence and erectile dysfunction.