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Season Two of ‘Killer Siblings’ on Oxygen Nov. 7

(Image credit: Oxygen)

Killer Siblings returns on Oxygen Nov. 7. It is season two, offering more peeks at real-life “evil, maniacal and downright devious siblings,” in Oxygen’s words. 

There are 12 episodes. One looks at how a person’s embezzlement of family money drives the siblings to take revenge, and another looks at a teen girl who was kidnapped and abused by brothers, then puts her life on the line to find her abductors and bring them to justice. 

Each episode “spotlights some of the most amoral and calculating siblings who were caught red-handed in a web of lies,” said Oxygen. “Psychologists, detectives and investigators take viewers inside the chaos of manipulative brothers and sisters who were blinded by deceit and revenge.”

Killer Siblings is produced by Scott Sternberg Productions with Scott Sternberg, Matthew Watts & Kathi Watson the executive producers.

Oxygen is part of NBCUniversal.