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Season Five of ‘The Circus’ on Showtime Jan. 26

Season five of The Circus starts on Showtime Jan. 26. Hosted by John Heilemann, Mark McKinnon and Alex Wagner, The Circus is a docu-series covering politics.

Season four ended Nov. 10.

The Iowa caucuses happen Feb. 3, a week after the new season begins.

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Heilemann is co-founder of Recount Media and editor-in-chief of political platform The Recount. He’s also national affairs analyst for NBC News and MSNBC.

McKinnon was chief media adviser for five presidential campaigns and is co-founder of No Labels, an organization dedicated to bipartisanship.

Wagner is a special correspondent for CBS News and a contributing editor at The Atlantic.

The Circus is produced by Left/Right. Heilemann, McKinnon, Wagner, Banks Tarver, Ken Druckerman, Ted Bourne and Tom Johnson are executive producers at The Circus.