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Sears to run Fox's Orlando duop

Former Radio-Television News Directors Association chairman John Sears will
run the news at Fox's Orlando, Fla., duopoly, WOFL(TV) and WRBW(TV).

Sears joins as vice president of news.

Lena Sadiwski, who has been news director, will remain on in a different
capacity, Sears said.

Sears had worked briefly for Fox at KPTV(TV) Portland, Ore., between the time
the station changed from Chris-Craft Industries Inc. to Fox ownership and the time it was
swapped with Meredith Broadcasting Corp. to create duopolies for each of the groups.

Meredith's duopoly was in Portland, with KPTV and KPDX(TV), where it made
quick management changes. Fox's was in Orlando with WOFL and WRBW.