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Searching for Brian Williams

NBC Nightly News anchor-in-waiting Brian Williams, who has a dry but practiced sense of humor, got a great laugh out of a crowd in Orlando, Fla. recently, telling them about a very thorough security search he was subjected to at the San Diego airport.

The security detail really gave Williams the once-over, obviously unaware of who he was. They even carefully checked his billfold, and then questioned why he was carrying two flashlights (he recently returned from Baghdad, where electricity can still be iffy).

But as Williams told the story in his speech, he joked that while being questioned by one security official, he saw another one putting on a pair of rubber gloves. The Orlando crowd began laughing and Williams said, "You're way ahead of me, you know what's coming next."

But contrary to an item in the print edition of the March 22 edition of Broadcasting & Cable, in TV Fax and earlier on our Web site, Williams wasn't subjected to a strip search or a body-cavity search. He was just the victim of an "overzealous" Transportation Safety Administration employee who was especially dilligent.
An NBC spokeswoman, acknowledging Williams' sense of humor, thought everybody hearing Williams' speech knew he was kidding. If they didn't NBC (and B&C) want you to know he was. We apologize for any confusion.