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Sci Fi Sees Spots

Sci Fi Channel will unveil a new on-air branding campaign June 7.

The campaign's four, 30-second promo spots feature a pair of average Joes, (well, average Vince and Steve, actually) who are helped out of tough spots with some abnormal aid in what are described as "Sci Fi moments."

In one spot, for instance, the pair are mocked by a musclebound bodybuilder until, with a hissing sound, the body collapses. In another, the pair go to a bar and while Vince seems unaffected by the advances of a beautiful woman, Steve's hair is suddenly tousled, his shirt is ripped open by unseen fingernails and lipstick appears on his cheek.

The campaign is from BBC Broadcast, the BBC creative agency's first U.S. work since expanding into the market last month.

The spots were produced by MJZ (Morton Jankel Zander), with a special affects assist from Stan Winston Studios and post-production by Gray Matter FX.