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Sci Fi Goes Psychic, Seeks Superheroes

Sci Fi is exploring ESP, developing The Gift, a reality hunt to find a new clairvoyant, and Medium at Large, a reality series about celebrity psychic Char Margolis.

Both six-episode series, they are expected to debut this year, along with Who Wants To Be a Superhero?, a six-episode, hour-long reality competition to find a real-life superhero who will be captured in a comic book by Stan Lee.

On the scripted front, the NBC Universal cable network is developing:

The Bridge, a dramedy from Will & Grace’s Sean Hayes and his production partner Todd Milliner, about a group of lost souls trying to earn their way out of purgatory.

The Butterfly Effect, a series based on the Ashton Kutcher movie, in which a man has to go back in time to change events for himself and others.

Warehouse 13, a series from Battlestar Galactica writer/producer Ronald D. Moore about a federal forensic accountant and an assistant U.S. attorney banished to a storage facility in North Dakota.

The network is also pairing with NBC News Productions on Sci Fi Investigates, a series which uses forensic technology to explore the world’s unexplained mysteries, and a series of two-hour investigative specials.

Sci Fi, which averaged 1.08 million viewers in prime during fourth quarter, announced the new series at its presentation during the Television Critics Association press tour on Jan. 12. The network also announced it had greenlighted production on Nine Lives, the 12-hour miniseries event being produced by DreamWorks Television.