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Sci Fi Charts Broadband Territory

Sci Fi Channel is creating a broadband component for every show it currently has in development, the network says. The promise came as Sci Fi executives unveiled details of their forthcoming broadband site, Sci Fi Pulse, which will launch May 8 with full-length episodes of the network’s series and movies.

“All this talk about new media, to the Sci Fi gang, isn’t really a new story,” said USA/Sci Fi President Bonnie Hammer at a New York press lunch Wednesday. “Nowhere is our brand strength more evident than in the digital arena.”

The network is encouraging producers of its upcoming series to produce Webisode spinoffs and has already begun developing Webisodes for its popular series Battlestar Galactica, as well as the upcoming drama Eureka and limited series Motel Man (working title).

Pulse, whose URL address is still being decided upon, will launch with uncut episodes of series including Battlestar Galactica and Ghosthunters, and full-length Sci Fi action movies, as well as extra footage including behind-the-scenes clips. Over the summer, the site will expand to include original content including a weekly news show and online-only spinoffs of Sci Fi series.

The site will rely heavily on contribution from its users. Pulse will breathe new life into Sci Fi’s Exposure film festival, which several years ago existed as a short-film showcase on the network and will now exist as an online contest. Users will contribute short films over the site for the chance to be included in a two-hour special on Sci Fi and, possibly, other NBC Universal channels. Pulse users will then vote on their favorite film, and the winner will be involved in creating a Sci Fi movie. The site will also post pilots online and solicit user feedback on which should be greenlighted to series.

Sci Fi’s current Web site has also expanded significantly in recent months, launching new features including a tech blog and a sci-fi wikipedia, “scifipedia.”