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Sci Fi Channel Seeks Sanctuary

NBC Universal-owned cable network Sci Fi Channel picked up drama series Sanctuary.

The network picked up 13 one-hour episodes of the series, which follows a doctor as she tracks down and protects strange creatures all over the earth.

Unlike most shows, 90% of Sanctuary’s sets will be CGI (computer-generated imaging), and the series will be shot in a style like movies 300 and Sin City, blurring reality and computer animation.

"Sanctuary promises to be a totally fresh television-viewing experience," Sci Fi executive vice president of programming Mark Stern said in a statement. "This stylistic approach to 'virtual sets' has proven hugely popular on the big screen, and we have been looking for a chance to use it on a television series.”

Damian Kindler of Stargate SG-1 is the creator and executive producer, along with Martin Wood of Stargate Atlantis.

The show started its life as a Web series, the first high-definition, broadcast quality series designed for broadband distribution.

Sci Fi has not announced a premiere date for the series.