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Schurz Taps Tribune Solution for Websites

Tribune Interactive is so confident in the digital platform it built for its own 50+ Web sites that it's licensing it to other media companies with similar needs. Schurz Communications has tapped the platform to drive its more than 60 newspaper, radio and TV station Websites, Tribune said Thursday (April 8).

Tribune uses the platform, known as Power to the Producers or P2P, to power its own news and entertainment websites, including,, (New York), (Los Angeles), as well as the Websites of Local TV LLC, a group of 19 stations.

"Using P2P will be a significant forward step for Schurz," said Kerry Oslund, VP/Digital, Schurz Communications, in a statement. "We're certain that a shared, common platform will let our publishing and broadcast partners collaborate better and compete more effectively in the online space."

Tribune hopes Schurz is just the first in a long line of customers to acquire its P2P platform.

"We know the extraordinary demands of leveraging a syndicated network across multiple platforms and diverse media partnerships," said Marc Chase, President of Tribune Interactive, in a statement. "These solutions have been painstakingly developed and tested to operate with maximum efficiency, whether yours is a breaking news website in a large metropolis or an FM radio station in a small town. We know our solutions work-after all, we're a client."