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Saying yes to N.O.

The station ranks at the National Association of Television Programming Executives' show are swelling. Post-Newsweek Stations Inc., Hearst-Argyle Television Inc., LIN Television Corp.,
Belo Corp. and NBC are among the major groups saying they will be well represented at
the January show in New Orleans.

"We're all going to be there," Post-Newsweek president Alan Frank said. Frank is planning to hold a manager's meeting. Last year, only two P-N
executives attended.

Fox is hosting an affiliate meeting, and
NBC, CBS and Fox are holding board meetings (B&C, Oct. 28).

Most of NBC's general managers are expected to attend, and there will be an
NBC program directors; meeting.

Hearst-Argyle's NATPE delegation may even grow beyond the 10 to 12 currently
slated, vice president of programming Emerson Coleman said.

LIN is sending a half-dozen executives this year compared with one last