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SAG National Board: No Thanks, AMPTP

The Screen Actors Guild-Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers standoff looks like it still has plenty of legs after the SAG national board backed its negotiating committee in turning down the AMPTP’s “final offer” over new media.

SAG said a resolution passed 68-0 Saturday that “It is a core principle of Screen Actors Guild that no non-union work shall be authorized to be done under any Screen Actors Guild agreement and that all work under a Screen Actors Guild contract, regardless of budget level, shall receive fair compensation when reused.”

The AMPTP issued a statement in response, saying, "The continued refusal of SAG's negotiators to accept AMPTP's final offer means that actors will continue to work indefinitely under the expired contract -- an old contract that contains none of the $250 million in additional compensation provided by AMPTP's final offer, and an old contract that provides none of the new-media rights and residuals that other Hollywood Guild members have now been enjoying for months.”

The most recent contract between the sides expired June 30, although both sides continue to work under that agreement.

SAG still has yet to call for a strike authorization, which would require 75% support -- a figure many industry insiders said may be tough for the current leadership to reach.