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SAG Election Produces Shakeup

Industry insiders are hoping the chances for another work stoppage in Hollywood are even smaller after a faction considered by many to be more moderate than the incumbents won control of the Screen Actors Guild’s national board.

The group, called United for Strength, won six of 11 board seats in Hollywood, including actors Amy Brenneman and Alan Arkin.

The incumbents, Membership First, had been leading the negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers that have been at a stalemate since the previous deal expired more than two months ago.

The actors have been working without a deal since then, but SAG leadership never called for a strike-authorization vote. SAG leadership previously said it wasn’t sure if it could have gotten the votes.

The news comes as the television industry is ramping up for the first fall season since the crippling Writers Guild of America strike.