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Sabio Using Pixel To Manage Cross-Platform Campaigns

Sabio launched Universal Frequency Pixel, a technology designed to help advertisers better control ad exposure across mobile and connected TV.

Sabio Universal Frequency Pixel

(Image credit: Sabio)

The UFP is customizable and can be refreshed every hour or once a month and lets advertisers know how often an ad is being seen by individual viewers. It captures the ad exposure and passes the device ID back to Sabio. Sabio removes that ID from the campaign delivery during the time frame determined by the advertiser.

“The simplicity of UFP gives advertisers a 360-degree view of what’s working, what’s not, and the option to adjust mid-campaign rather than having to wait until the numbers come in,” said Joao Machado, senior VP, marketing at Sabio.

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The tool helps clients avoid duplicated reach by serving impressions where they will have the most impacts. It also preserves a brand's reputation by not contributing to consumer frustrations, and saves ads dollars, the company said.

“CTV is becoming a more important platform for us yet the issue of duplication and wasted ad dollars present a problem," said Scott Bishoff, senior VP at digital ad agency Digitas North America. "Having a comprehensive solution like Sabio’s Universal Frequency Pixel creates the opportunity for more effective campaign management.”

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