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Rukeyser looks to cable news nets

Just because PBS is tired of having old guys do old shows, that doesn't mean
cable networks -- such as CNBC and Cable News Network -- feel the same way.

Both cable news networks are in talks with 69-year-old Louis Rukeyser after
Maryland Public Television threw him off the helm of his 32-year-old program,
Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser.

MPT said it decided to can Rukeyser based on viewer input.

MPT plans a new program in its place, called Wall $treet Week with
. That program will be hosted by Fortune editorial director
Geoffrey Colvin, 48, and a woman who has yet to be selected.

MPT had intended to have Rukeyser stay atop his program until June 30 -- the
date his contract expires -- then change it to the new format.

But after an on-air tirade against MPT's management Friday, March 22, MPT
pulled the plug prematurely and didn't even air the scheduled rebroadcast

MPT plans to fill in Friday nights with replacement guest hosts until the new
show begins.