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RTNDA@NAB: Fox Affils Play Up Local Roots

NAB 2009: Complete Coverage From Broadcasting & Cable

The Fox affiliates vowed to better make their presence felt both in their local markets and in our nation's capital during a meeting at NAB-RTNDA in Las Vegas today. Head of the NAB committee Brian Brady urged affiliate representatives to take cable's lead and get friendlier with the Congressmen from their districts.

"Cable has done a lot better job of taking the fight to Washington," said Brady. "It's hurting us bad. As broadcasters we have to triple down our efforts. We need to let them know that we are an industry that has some clout."

Board chairman John Tupper ran the meeting. He said Fox affiliates also seek to do battle with cable in their local markets by employing a promotional campaign reminding viewers of the role stations play in the community. The spots, featuring the tagline "Where Would You Be Without Them?" tell viewers that the likes of CNN and ESPN don't represent the market the way broadcast does and are "not required to serve the public interest."