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RTNDA@NAB: ABC Affiliates Say Jay Leno At 10 Spells Opportunity

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The ABC affiliates see big opportunity at 10 p.m. this fall as rival NBC tries the new Jay Leno program in primetime. “The affiliates expect real opportunity at 10 p.m. with Leno,” says ABC affiliates board chairman Darrell Brown, who oversaw the affiliates’ meeting at NAB-RTNTA in Las Vegas earlier this week. “We see real upside in that.”

The affiliates got a taste of the network’s primetime projects for the fall during the meeting, though Brown says the programs are very much works in progress and would not comment on them. But it’s clear that ABC thinks it can score big with its 10 p.m. offerings this fall. “We’re very impressed with what we see,” says Brown. “We think ABC will be in good shape.”

The affiliates will of course get a much closer look at the rookie programs at ABC’s upfront presentation in New York next month.

As he did with the CBS affiliates meeting in Vegas, NAB President/CEO David Rehr stopped by the ABC pow-wow, and had a lengthy discussion with the station folks about the pressing adjacent market and market modification issues, which sees some members of Congress look to rewrite the DMA map.