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RTNDA tries to unchain choppers

Radio-Television News Directors Association president Barbara Cochran is
testifying before the House Subcommittee on Aviation Wednesday regarding
restrictions the Federal Aviation Administration has placed on news

The RTNDA has been working with the FAA to get the helicopters back in the
air. The FAA has grounded news choppers in the 30 largest metropolitan markets
since the Sept. 11 attacks.

The RTNDA and other media groups have asked the FAA to lift the restriction,
only to be told that the agency could not reverse the ban on its own, and that
it must first get the approval of the National Security Council and other
government agencies.

Other witnesses testifying at the hearing are James Coyne, president of the
National Air Transportation Association; Phil Boyer, president of the Aircraft
Owners and Pilots Association/Air Safety Foundation; Edward Bolen, president and
CEO of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association; and Bill Sanderson,
director of heliports and technical programs for the Helicopter Association