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RTNDA seeks church bombing trial access

The Radio-Television News Directors Association has asked an Alabama district attorney to reconsider his objection to television coverage of the trial of the man charged with bombing a black church in 1963.

In a letter to Jefferson County DA David Barber, RTNDA counsel Kathleen Kirby said that given the massive publicity already surrounding the trial of Thomas Blanton, it would be "incongruous" to suggest that televising the orderly presentation of evidence at trial would be disruptive and adverse to a fair trial.

"Without television coverage of these historic proceedings," Kirby wrote, "the public will be forced once again to depend on secondhand accounts filtered by the perceptions of reporters . RTNDA believes that it is time to provide unlimited seating to the workings of justice everywhere in the United States by permitting audio-visual coverage of judicial proceedings." - Dan Trigoboff