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RTNDA Says Leave Sponsorship ID Rules Alone

The Radio-Television News Directors Association has told the FCC to leave its sponsorship identification rules alone and not adopt new ones for embedded advertising.

"[E]xisting rules and disclosure requirements are sufficient to inform viewers about broadcast content that has been paid for, including embedded advertising," said RTNDA in announcing its filing.

Comment period is wrapping up on an FCC inquiry in how and whether to change its sponsorship identification rules to make it clearer when an advertiser has placed a product into a TV show.

Not surprisingly, RTNDA took particular issue with allegations by some commenters that "so-called hidden commercials are a routine part of local news programming," and warned the FCC not to "open the door to, or otherwise legitimize, government regulation of the content of newscasts because of misplaced concerns about commercialism."

Broadcasters in general have asked the FCC to end its inquiry without adopting new rules regarding embedded advertising, arguing that it is an important alternative to the conventional advertising that is becoming increasingly less attractive in a world of DVR's and time-shifted viewing where ads can be skipped.