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RTNDA puts kibosh on joint confab

RTNDA President Barbara Cochran said today that the association has decided a merged NATPE/RTNDA convention in January is not in the cards.

RTNDA's Nashville convention, scheduled to start Sept. 12, was cancelled following the terrorist atacks and NATPE was open to encorporating some of the canceled sessions into its Las Vegas conference. Although the idea had been discussed with NATPE CEO Bruce Johansen (B&C TV Fax, September 27), a couple of factors stood in the way, she said.

One was the timing. Cochran said news directors would not be able to attend the late January convention due to its proximity to the February sweeps. She also said the organization wanted to concentrate its efforts on the 2002 convention, scheduled for Sept. 18-21, in Long Beach, Calif. - John Eggerton